Must Watch: A Marathon at Age 81? Why Not?

It’s only crazy until you do it, right? That’s a perfect way to describe Marjorie’s story, told in “Late Bloomer,” the newest film in the Just Do It collection.

Marjorie proves that there is no limit to human determination in sport — not ability, experience, gender and certainly not age. A few years after her husband had passed away, the New York-native struck up a conversation with her friend, a marathoner, at the dog park one day. “Do you think it would be okay for me to run the marathon?” Marjorie asked her.

Seven months later, Marjorie was at the starting line of New York City’s most prestigious race for her first 26.2. With 50,000 other runners. At 81 years old.

While some thought Marjorie’s goal of running a marathon had passed an expiration date, her self-belief never wavered. Why not? became her mantra to achieve a dream that some considered crazy.

As Marjorie ran from Brooklyn into Queens then into Manhattan, well beyond the marathon’s halfway mark, she knew that the race was hers to finish. She wasn’t going to stop.

“I believe that if you can go halfway, and still be running and on your feet, you’ll always finish the other half,” says Marjorie. “If you start something, something that you really want to do, you’ll find a way to complete it.”

How’s that for some weekend motivation for ya’?

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