Nike has been on a hot streak basically all of 2018. So what’s next for the Swoosh? Introducing ISPA to the world.

ISPA is a program within the Nike Sportswear Special Projects team that aims to create footwear and products for the modern-day athletes. ISPA takes the tried-and-true Nike ethos of listening to the athlete, but with a twist: Rather than dissect the challenges of establishing a new sprint record, the team focuses on improving interaction with the built environment. Or, as ISPA Footwear Designer Shamees Aden puts it, ISPA allows for a discrete examination of “the people who are commuting three to five miles a day.”

The four-letter acronym stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, and Adapt – a design philosophy. A set of design principles that represents a pinnacle, experimental expression of Nike design across all categories. ISPS believes that with a little inspiration, any problem can be solved with the materials at hand.

We will get our first taste of Niks ISPS by way of the Nike React LW WR Mid. This new model that features a deconstructed water-resistant upper placed on top of a React Element 87 sole unit.

“It’s the honesty about the method the shoes are made with that makes it fascinating,” says ISPA Design Innovation Lead Darryl Matthews. “The process from which we explored the product is clear in its aesthetic. The upper is engineered to the exact specifications of an internal waterproof liner that you would commonly find in-between the lining and upper of a waterproof ACG hiking boot. It is exactly what it is! We also made sure the pattern heights and method of make were correct in what constitutes as a fully waterproof product — for this shoe that’s where the element of protect really shines.”

Look for Nike to release all three colorways of the Nike React LW WR Mid on November 21st.


via: Nike

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