Above you will get a good look at a new and improved version of the VaporFly that uses a 3D-printed textile called Nike Flyprint. Dubbed the Nike VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D, this model is the first performance sneaker that uses a 3D-printed textile upper in its construction. For that reason, the shoe is 11g lighter than the Nike Zoom VaporFly 4%. The new 3D-printed textile upper also makes the shoe more breathable while also boasting almost zero water retention.

Presenting the Flyprint upper to Kipchoge for the first time, things went exactly as one would have expected. “I thought these guys were really crazy,” said Kipchoge. It wasn’t until the testing began that his mind changed. “I had to take the shoe, put it on my foot and run on it. You feel like flying when you’re running.”

Look for Nike SNKRS to drop release info on the Nike VaporFly Elite Flyprint 3D shortly. Stay tuned.


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