Tennis legend Roger Federer has been with Nike since 1994, but the long partnership has come to an end as Federer has signed a new endorsement deal with Japanese company Uniqlo.

Sources say the deal is worth more than $300 million guaranteed over 10 years and has an unprecedented clause that says that Federer will collect the money even if he doesn’t play. According to Darren Rovell, the deal could be even more lucrative for Federer, as it includes the right for his team to sell some patches on his shirt, something he wasn’t able to do with Nike.

Nike was given the right to match the deal and passed.

UNIQLO is honoured to welcome Roger Federer as our new Global Brand Ambassador!#UniqloRF #Uniqlo #LifeWear #RogerFederer #Wimbledon

— UNIQLO UK (@UNIQLO_UK) July 2, 2018

Who came out as the winner of this deal? Roger Federer? Nike? Uniqlo?

h/t: ESPN

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