A Union x Air Jordan 4 Could Possibly be Releasing this Year

Surprising sneaker news surfaced on Twitter today with Union teasing an Air Jordan 4 collaboration. 

In 2018, Union teamed up with the Air Jordan 1 silhouette that brought forth two pairs of sneakers that will likely be one of the best to have ever released. Now worth well over $1,000 on the secondary market, sneakerheads all agree they want to see more from the Los Angeles brand.

While it was confirmed we’d see a Union x Air Jordan partnership go down in 2020, it was uncertain whether it would be on the coveted Jordan 1, or another popular silhouette. Today, Union took it upon themselves to retweet someone’s twitter question asking if a Jordan 4 collaboration would be going down this year, suggesting something maybe going down in the future. Whatever the case may be, expect the sneaker world to stop for the collaboration, the two will have a lot of pressure to put out something better than their last, so expect the heat.

Whether a Union x Air Jordan 4 will even see the light of day, that remains uncertain but what is, is that JustFreshKicks will be covering all the Union x Jordan news this year, so stay tuned for any updates. Check out our mockup below of an Air Jordan 4 inspired by the Air Jordan 1 from 2018. Would you like to see the two team up on the 4? If not what other silhouette would you like to see? Feel free to let us know.

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